Nat says don't put your mat directly on carpet! 
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The Root Board®... is the perfect embodiment of form and function.  Designed to provide stability for yogi's practicing on any uneven or soft surface, such as carpet, grass, sand, and dirt.  It is made from eco-friendly and highly renewable Moso bamboo. Weighing 28 lbs, it is purposely heavy to provide a secure foundation to place your mat. Expect it to elevate your yoga-at-home sanctuary while providing the stability you need for challenging balance and inversion poses.  

The Root Board® is...
  • Effective. It's sturdy and stable, emulating your favorite studio floor
  • Sustainable. Made from sustainable & responsibly harvested bamboo 
  • Portable. Ergonomic handholds on both halves allow for easy transport 
  • Durable. 6 Coat Ultraviolet Finish that will withstand heavy use and remain beautiful for years. 
  • Designed by yogis for yogis. The only purpose-built portable bamboo yoga floor on the market.
  • Dimensions/Weight:  Measures 77” x 28.5" x ½” (assembled), Each Panel weighs 14 lbs. 28 lbs total 

To claim your discount, use code: YOGANINJA at checkout.
The Root Board® bridges the gap between the yoga studio and your living room, providing the firm, supportive surface needed for a solid practice with no wrist pain!
To claim your discount, use code: YOGANINJA at checkout.
The Root Board works! Let the yogis speak for us!
“Amazing, honestly. I’ve been doing yoga at home for the last 2 years. This reminds me of the floors at the good studios I used to go to: turns my little carpeted space into a place with real grounding and stability. It helped my form and really elevates the practice.”

Elizabeth M

Brought my home practice to a new level

“The best invention for Yogi's ever!!! It's easy to put together, portable, and a wrist lifesaver!!! It's like having a studio on the go! I highly, repeat HIGHLY recommend this board for any and all Yogi's needing a sturdy base to practice on. Two puzzle pieces that hook together, and it's the size of a normal yoga mat. That's as simple and safe as it sounds!!! ”

LauraLeigh W

The best invention for Yogi's to date!!!

“My only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner. Of the 3 years I’ve been practicing yoga, I’ve lived in a carpeted home for almost 2 years. I forgot how good it feels to practice on stable foundation. Thank you so much for creating this product. I’ve had it for almost a week and it’s rejuvenated my passion for yoga. I’ve doubled my at home practices. It’s completely transformed my experience. If you’re thinking about purchasing The Root Board, do it.”


No complaints!

“When I moved to a house with plush carpet everywhere, I have been using that as an excuse to get lazy with my yoga practice. Since I’ve received the Root Board, I’ve been looking forward to starting my day with a morning practice. It’s easy to set up and store away for small spaces..”


Daily Practice

“This has changed my yoga practice at home. I did not realize how important it is to have a stable foundation until I felt the difference from practicing on carpet. Highly recommend! ”



“I purchased this to place on top of thick carpet which made balancing tough. It fits just wider than my mat and slightly shorter because I have a larger than standard mat and it's helped me regain my balance and confidence in my poses. It was easy to fit together and feels sturdy, would recommend to anyone who needs a good base under their mat. ”


Great for a sturdy base over carpet

“This is an amazing yoga board! I feel like I’m in a studio! It is a great purchase for anyone who is doing an at home practice! ”

Emma Ruwitch

Root Board

“I absolutely love my board, it’s easily the best purchase I’ve made this year and gets plenty of use from both my husband and myself. We’ve even contemplated getting a second one for our home. Not only is the board great on carpet I love that you can hold onto the sides or handles to deepen certain poses or stretches.”

Kathleen Quan

Best Buy of the year!!!

“This is super helpful for my yoga practice and the board looks very beautiful too! I really like my current home, but practicing yoga on carpets is never ideal and this is a fantastic solution to remedy that problem!”


Works great!

“I have a yoga studio I go to for yoga classes. But with work, I'm not able to attend all the classes I want. So when that happens, I practice at home. The room I use is carpeted and of course that affects wrists and balance... Well this rootboard has been amazing! Its pretty solid and it came in great shape. I love that it came with clips to secure the board together. Its great having a solid base without having to rip up my carpet. ”


Changed home practice!

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