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An answer to a dream!!

I hated doing yoga in my kitchen but it was the only place with a hard floor. There I was next to the fridge and the stove ... the environment was not what I wanted for my practice. Now I do yoga in a beautiful room in my home that is peaceful and serene. It takes 2 seconds to set up my Root Board and it works perfectly. This is the best money I've spent in long time!

Anne-Marie - We love the short story. So wonderful that the Root Board is helping your practice. Love it!

On grass, carpet, sand, decking....

So far I’ve use this board in four different places and have loved to have that solid surface of stability underneath me wherever I go. I don’t always have a yoga room to practice in and I travel a ton, especially in the outdoors! Whether it’s doing restorative, flowing, or even using it for a picnic, i love the is board!!

Arrive warped and splt

It looks like it will be a great yoga board. However the wood is split in the corners and one of the pieces is warped and does not fit well with the other. I’ve got pics if you’ll let me upload.

Whoa, that sounds like a defective board, Brian. I'll write to you privately so we can arrange a replacement Root Board to be sent to you. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Absolutely LOVE my Root Board!

This is a game changer for your practice! Let’s you practice on carpet, grass, and other soft or uneven surfaces. LOVE my Root Board! Will be a fan for life!

Very kind of you, Elina. Have a fabulous day!

Outstanding product!

I recently renovated a spare room into a yoga sanctuary, and didn't want to incur additional expenses for replacing the carpet with hard wood floor. My root board is PERFECT and does exactly what I wanted it to do - which was to provide a stable, sturdy surface for me to practice on. 10/10 highly recommend!