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Louise Anne
Practice Changing

I splurged for my mother's day gift for myself, and I'm elated I did. Yoga outside is one of my favorite places to practice, but the frustration of the wonky ground made it less than ideal. My Root Board has held me up for 3 beautiful sessions in the grass and on the porch. I'm enjoying the stability so much I'll be using it in the basement on the gym-foam-floor.
It's a beautiful addition to my new mat and the start to my outdoor practice.

Louise Anne- We're so glad you are experiencing yoga in the wild as we have. We use our Root Boards in the backyard and the beach and it has been transformative. Namaste.

Susan Magee
Bamboo Root Board

Arrived in perfect condition, beautiful, high-quality product, works great on my very soft exercise room carpet. I am very happy with this purchase.

Scott MacLeod

Five stars for The Root Board. Beautiful, functional, crafted (and packaged) with a fastidious attention to detail.

Great for a sturdy base over carpet

I purchased this to place on top of thick carpet which made balancing tough. It fits just wider than my mat and slightly shorter because I have a larger than standard mat and it's helped me regain my balance and confidence in my poses. It was easy to fit together and feels sturdy, would recommend to anyone who needs a good base under their mat.


This has changed my yoga practice at home. I did not realize how important it is to have a stable foundation until I felt the difference from practicing on carpet. Highly recommend!