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Changed home practice!

I have a yoga studio I go to for yoga classes. But with work, I'm not able to attend all the classes I want. So when that happens, I practice at home. The room I use is carpeted and of course that affects wrists and balance... Well this rootboard has been amazing! Its pretty solid and it came in great shape. I love that it came with clips to secure the board together. Its great having a solid base without having to rip up my carpet.

Kalie Christian
Miracle Board

Okay. I'm not one to write reviews, but I'm seriously so in love with this board so had to share my excitement, ha! I have just received it and used it 2x already.

At first, I was thinking it was a bit silly to spend $200 on a board to practice yoga on.. but then decided I would try it. First off, not only does it look stunning (I'm a sucker for good aesthetics) but it's also designed and made so well! I've been using it on carpet, and it's truly a game changer.

The town I moved to does not have a studio so I've been practicing at home although I backed off quite a bit as practicing on carpet is truly miserable. This board literally changed that! Using this board on carpet, I feel like I'm back on a solid studio floor!

The little clips on the sides help hold the board in place well. I did not slide around/have issues with it staying together and my mat also stayed on no worries. Excited to continue using this board.

If you're debating it, I 110% recommend going for it. It elevates a home practice so much and makes it so much more enjoyable. Worth every penny.

Kalie- It's reviews like yours that keep us working hard to make sure everyone knows about the Root Board. Thank you for taking the time to write. We appreciate you! Namaste

Victoria Trac

I love my Root Board. I haven’t had it long yet but it’s been such a game changer in my practice already. I was getting pain in my wrists, hands, and feet after practicing on the carpet in our new house. Since getting the Root Board, I haven’t had any issues.

Gilda Smith

I cannot believe how much more comfortable and easier my practice is now. Before using this board, I had my mat on top of carpeting and I thought I was doing fine but with the board underneath it I can do so much more. I get a better stretch I have more stability I wish I would’ve found this earlier!

Michelle Chakirelis

Really elevated my indoor practice. So much more stability, especially when practicing on carpet!