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I have been enjoying my bamboo root board! Thank you!!

Rena Kay
Nice surface

I'm happy with the root board except that where it joins together in the middle it tends to loosen on the carpet. I now see that they sell an optional clip system to hold the two sides together and have ordered it. I think it should be standard and included in the price of the board. Other than that it's a beautiful way to practice yoga on a carpet!

Hi Rena- Thank you for your review. You make a very good point regarding the idea of including the side clips in each order. We find that less than half our customers need the side clips and for this reason we sell them separately. We will continue to monitor sales and adjust if the numbers change, though. We're so glad you are enjoying your Root Board!

Root Board

Delivered in damaged condition. Responsive RB rep facilitated contact with shipping insurer and prompt replacement is en route.

Board replacement received promptly in satisfactory condition. The RB does provide solid footing essential for my yoga stretches and stationary exercise. The design is what I sought for simple storage. Thanks for coming up with this solution for carpeted areas.

Ashley Taylor
Should’ve purchased a long time ago

I wanted something like this for a long time. I found DIY versions on Pinterest of a yoga board and almost made one. I finally found The Root Board, and although they offer DIY instructions, I didn’t feel like tackling that. I practice in rooms with plush carpet, and this is the perfect solution. I purchased the clips to help secure the pieces together. I’m amazed at how stable the surface is and the quality is wonderful.

Jessica B
Easy to use and provides great steady base!

I practice on a carpeted area most often and using the root board has made all of the difference!! I love that it is two pieces so it can be easily stored also!