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Ashley Taylor
Should’ve purchased a long time ago

I wanted something like this for a long time. I found DIY versions on Pinterest of a yoga board and almost made one. I finally found The Root Board, and although they offer DIY instructions, I didn’t feel like tackling that. I practice in rooms with plush carpet, and this is the perfect solution. I purchased the clips to help secure the pieces together. I’m amazed at how stable the surface is and the quality is wonderful.

Jessica B
Easy to use and provides great steady base!

I practice on a carpeted area most often and using the root board has made all of the difference!! I love that it is two pieces so it can be easily stored also!

Marguerite Williamson
Connecting Doctoral Study with Proprioception

My current doctoral studies mean I spend much of my time seated, hunched over a computer or a notebook. The Root Board allows me to create an ergonomic environment where ever I find myself, and to assume multiple yoga or Pilates poses which support good posture and blood flow. I absolutely love it. It is also just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship!

Maureen Burbury
Not great for Ashtanga

The board is working fine, but it's not an ideal tool for Ashtanga. My heels extend beyond the end of the board when I'm in seated poses, and the holes in the sides of the boards are where I place my hands when transitioning out of seated poses. I find myself constantly having to move around on the board to avoid the crease in the middle, the carrying holes, or I need to move back so my heels don't fall off the end of the board. But it's still better than practicing on carpet!

Nicole D.

What a difference! Practicing on carpet versus practicing on the Root Board on carpet...I feel stable and more confident. Balance poses come quicker and more stable. I'm happy I made the investment in myself and my practice. Thank you!