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Root Self Care, LLC
contact: Brian McCarthy
310-895-3490  |  @TheRootBoard



  • Overview
  • About the Root Board
  • Opportunity: Yoga During the Pandemic
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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of yogis have moved their practices to their homes or outdoors. The Root Board is an essential prop in elevating one's out-of-studio practice by emulating an in-studio experience. Designed by yogis for yogis, The Root Board is a bamboo platform on which to roll out one’s mat. It is stable, beautiful and portable and allows a yogi to practice literally anywhere.

launch date: June 6, 2020
location: Santa Monica, CA.
team size: Husband and Wife Co-Founders
funding: Self-funded
press contact: Brian McCarthy, 310-895-3490

About the Root Board

The Root Board is...

a bamboo yoga board designed to enhance one’s yoga practice.  It effortlessly creates a vibe of wellness. We say to our fellow yogis: Stabilize your flow, land your peak pose and wring out every bit of goodness your practice has to offer.



  • The only purpose-built portable bamboo yoga floor on the market.
  • Sturdy 1/2” thick sustainable & responsibly harvested bamboo.
  • Rounded edges for comfort.
  • Durable 6 Coat Ultraviolet Finish that will withstand heavy use and remain beautiful for years.


    • 3-ply Moso bamboo has a Janka hardness rating of ~1760 making it extremely firm- similar to Oak, Walnut and Maple.
    • At 28 lbs (each half is 14 lbs), the Root Board remains stationary as the yogi moves through her poses.
    • Protects ankles and wrists from stress injuries.


    & portable  

    • Two ergonomic handholds on both halves allowing easy transport
    • Proprietary Jigsaw Construction makes set up, and stowing easy.
    • Measures  76¾” x 28½" x ½” (assembled), 40¼” x 28½” (each piece)
    • Weighs 28 lbs (total), 14 lbs (each piece)
    • Nylon Bag, Carry Strap, Side Clips sold separately.

    Yoga During the Pandemic

    COVID-19 has forced a monumental shift in the lives of yogis and instructors alike. This mandatory alteration has also created a new opportunity for the yoga market. Practitioners are inventing ways to create a home practice that delivers the same physical, emotional and spiritual relief they found at the studio, and yoga studios and teachers are exploring ways to engage and serve their communities.  The Root Board targets both of these constituencies. Prior to the pandemic, as many as 40 million people in the United States were practicing yoga. While official figures aren't yet available, numerous governmental and private publications identify yoga as one of the best ways to stay physically and mentally fit during quarantine.



    For many die-hard yogis, carving out a place for wellness has never been more urgent, especially for those practicing at home on carpet or outdoors on uneven surfaces. 

    * Figures are from the 2016 Yoga in America Study Conducted by Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance


    “The RootBoard is a blessing. It’s like having a yoga studio floor outside. It feels really good to practice on. The board is sturdy and grounded! I absolutely love it!” -Chris Mallow 
    Instructors and Studios

    As yoga studios seek creative new ways to serve their practitioners, many instructors are shifting to Zoom classes and outdoor venues. The Root Board has been enthusiastically received by this group, as evidenced by @therootboard’s positive reception on Instagram.  We continue to develop our influencer and referral programs in support of these instructors.

    "Moving yoga classes outside has been a challenge for instructors and studios across the board until the Root Board!  It’s like being on a wonderful bamboo studio floor anywhere you go!  It’s stable, smooth, and portable.  Thanks to Kathy & Brian, we can move our classes to the beach, to the park, or the parking lot with the support that our students need.  Our clients can enjoy nature and breathe easy, without compromising their practice."
    Angel Papadakis, KEFI YOGA

    Our story

    The concept of The Root Board arose at the start of the pandemic quarantine (March 2020). Like everyone else, Kathy and Brian found themselves homebound with their family and under the same financial, health and social stresses that faced everyone. Kathy had been a dedicated yogi for years, so yoga had already been an integral part of her life skills. However, the experience of practicing at home left something to be desired. The distractions of being at home and the instability of the mat on carpet interfered with her yoga experience. The benefits of a yoga practice is based on one’s ability to still the mind, focus, breathe and land a peak pose.  She felt her practice was slipping away so improving her home yoga space became a pressing issue. Where’s the zen in a small living space with wall-to-wall carpet? Through trial and error, she and Brian designed and built a solid yoga platform made from bamboo that tactilely replicated the experience of a yoga studio. It dramatically and immediately enhanced their practice. They call it the Root Board because, as all yogis know, you have to “root to rise.”  They are filled with passion and excitement to bring the Root Board to market in order to assist other yogis struggling to recapture the benefits of their studio practices. Kathy and Brian believe yoga is the path to peace, health and longevity. They sell the Root Board in order to serve the yoga community so the world can be a better place for all.


    Brian McCarthy

    Brian has worked as a digital marketer and business leader in various SaaS platforms and online marketplaces. His most recent position was CEO of 1-800-DENTIST and founder of, the first consumer online destination for dentistry. The Root Board is his first DTC entrepreneurial venture . Brian is a graduate of the University of Oregon. He and Kathy have been married 28 years and live in Santa Monica, CA.


    Kathy McCarthy

    Kathy is a creative director and graphic designer who has worked in fashion her entire career. She has a rich body of work in web design, product packaging, marketing and collateral.  Kathy started yoga only a few years ago, but it didn’t take long for her to become completely passionate about it. She is in the process of a 200-HR certification program, but considers herself a student for life.  She graduated from UC Berkeley with an English and Psychology degree, and is the proud parent of three.


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