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Root Board Reviews


We're very proud of the Root Board and are grateful for all the feedback our customers share with us- even when it is critical. We intend on absorbing all information and using it to improve the product. We welcome all comments and do our best to respond either privately or publicly to everyone. If you don't find what you're looking for here, send us a note and we'll reach back out as soon as we can, usually same day. Thanks!

Based on 141 reviews
Bamboo Root Board
Uma24 (Titusville, US)
So perfect!

I love this board! I works perfectly on the carpet. I’ve been searching for something like this for a long time and now I fount the perfect companion to my yoga practice. Well made, smooth and beautiful. Thank you!

I didn’t know what to expect and honestly, I thought it might be a ridiculous purchase. Nah, this is amazing. My back feels so good on it. It is so enjoyable and comfortable to do yoga on this thing. I love it.

The Root Bag: Tote
soknurdy (Placentia, US)
Need it for Travel

You'll need this bag for traveling. It's really well designed and made of a sturdy canvas. The handles are reinforced. Definitely needed.

Bamboo Root Board
soknurdy (Placentia, US)

The must have yoga prop, creates stability on uneven surfaces and protects wrists. It does weigh a bit and is bulky, but once you have it set up, it's worth the trouble.

Bamboo Root Board
Angie M. (West Columbia, US)
Resumed Practice w Root Board

So thankful to have received my Root Board for Mother’s Day!!! I had given up on my home practice because my mat seemed to enjoy moving as much as I do, plus I had zero stability in my home studio. Now I prefer yoga at home. I can practice anytime I want with ease in a quiet zen atmosphere. The Root Board is amazingly solid, and creates a very stable grounding, it fits perfectly under my Manduka, who now stays in a corpse pose throughout my entire practice. ☺️
Thank you Root Board!! I love it!! ❤️

Wow, Angie, your review inspires us! Thank you so much for writing and telling your fellow yogis (in such a humorous and creative way) what stablility the Root Board brings to your practice. Here's to many transformative practices to come!

Bamboo Root Board
courtney W. (Crested Butte, US)
Game changer for my outdoor practice

LOVE my Root Board - it has opened a whole other space for my practice. I never loved to be outside with my mat - it was uneven and hard to have level postures. With this, I can now practice on the beach, in my backyard and indoors on carpet. Recommend getting the carrying case - makes it easy to pack up and carry it easily.

Bamboo Root Board
RP (Grayson, US)
Great option for yoga on carpet

The Root Board is very sturdy and well made. It is easy to assemble and store. Know that is is heavy (28 lbs). This is not an item that is easily portable.

Bamboo Root Board
Austin (Chicago, US)
Great for apartments

My living room now has a great space for yoga and other exercises.

Bamboo Root Board
Cassie S. (McMinnville, US)
Just what I needed!

This has been a great addition to my home practice. Going from the studio & then sometimes practicing at home with carpet made quite a difference. This allows for more stability for my joints & body & an overall improved home practice. Easy storage under a couch/bed. Would recommend.

Bamboo Root Board
Kirsten H.
Love my Root Board!

I was practicing on carpet - losing grip and wearing out my really nice mat. Now I don’t slip and have grip. Thanks Root Board 💕

Bamboo Root Board
Mark M. (Sheboygan, US)
Root to rise

So far I love it. Only complaint is I wish it was a tad bigger. I am a tall yogi 6’1. I can make it work but my extra large mats don’t fit. Excited to try it outside in the sand but it’s winter in Wisconsin. Holds up great on tbr carpet. It’s kinda nice to grip underneath the wood and find a bit of a deeper fold in certain asanas.

Thank you for the notes, Mark. We are hopeful that there is a longer version in our future. Stay tuned. Love the comment about gripping the board to gain deeper fold, too. Good luck, stay safe!

Bamboo Root Board
Kim B. (Ravenel, US)
Just what I needed!

I moved into a new house in September and my Yoga practice has been struggling due to carpeting in my workout room. Also, planning to utilize this in my backyard which is all grass. Tried for the first time today... what do you know?!?.... I can balance again!! What a difference.... thank you!

Bamboo Root Board
Peter S. (Los Osos, US)
The best yoga invention since the Manduka PRO mat!

The Root Board is a game changer for yoga practitioners who live in carpeted homes - so perfectly designed to be portable, lightweight and strong!

We see what you did there, haha. Thank you for your kudos, Peter.

Bamboo Root Board
Deepa M. (Burnaby, CA)
Root Board Review

The root board exceeded my expectations with its exceptional quality and impeccable finishing. It has become an essential foundation for my practice, providing a solid and reliable surface. While I rated it 4 stars due to the joint between the boards, I want to emphasize that the overall product is fantastic and greatly enhances my experience. It would be bonus if there were an option to purchase the root board without the joint for those who don’t need portability. Additionally, a customizable option based on customer requirement of dimensions would be a valuable addition. I look forward to any future improvements and appreciate the excellent work on the current root board.

Bamboo Root Board
Emily A. (Blacksburg, US)
Didn’t know what I was missing!

I have exclusively practiced on carpet throughout my at home yoga journey. I always thought this was acceptable until the root board was suggested to me. Wow! What a difference maker! It provides a much more stable surface and I had no idea how much more improved my flows would be. My only feedback would be the connection between the two boards seems loose, so it doesn’t seem like one solid surface when you are using it. It buckles easily even with the side clamps if that makes sense. And my bones are getting used to using a more firm surface! But otherwise I highly recommend

Bamboo Root Board
AYogisHusband (Lyons, US)
Excellent product and incredible customer service

The Root Board is amazing. I bought one for my wife, who loves yoga. I’ve tried it a few times and it is amazing how well it transforms any kind of practice that requires solid ground. I honestly didn’t know how much of a difference it would make from doing yoga on carpet. But it does. If you have a carpet then it is well worth getting. It will force you to align properly and as a result make you stronger.

Importantly the customer service is amazing, probably one of the best I’ve ever encountered. When I had a problem with the initial board that arrived, I received a reply within a day, and an offer of a replacement. Really understanding and clearly care that everyone using their products have an amazing experience.

This company is also community focussed — they even have a DIY instructions listed on their website on how you can make your own board from raw materials. The added time and quality of finished product for me made it worth the extra cost, over if I’d made one myself. So it might seem a lot on the surface but when you cost it out, it is actually well worth it. I’d recommend it to friends practicing yoga on carpets in a heartbeat.

Bamboo Root Board
Tim C. (Lynnwood, US)

Received my Root Board recently and just used it cause my weekly in studio class was cancelled. The board quality is excellent and looks good too. The combo of interlocking teeth on the 2 pieces w/the clips makes for a stable surface to practice on. Works great on my soft family room carpet. Worth the $ spent. Plus I bought it thru your site which is actually slightly less expensive than amazon. Thank you! Tim C

You are awesome, Tim. Thank you for taking the time to write and for the recommendation. Namaste

Bamboo Root Board
Heather T. (Santa Monica, US)
The Best Gift I Have Given Myself In Years💜

My Bamboo Root Board has given me a new home for my daily practice and I am so grateful🙏 The Board is perfect in design. It is fairly lightweight and the carefully designed handles make it so easy to set up and break down after my practice. I would recommend this board for anyone with a home practice🙏

So happy the Root Board is working out for you, Heather. We appreciate your business. Peace!

Bamboo Root Board
Laura C. (Littleton, US)

I am loving my board...I didn't know how I was going to manage yoga on the shagged carpet in my new rental, this solved my problem!
Thank you!

Bamboo Root Board
Kc (Brandywine, US)
Love it.

Love my Root Board it fits perfectly in my yoga/ meditation room also works perfect for my height of 5 feet 7 inches and weight of 135 pounds.

Bamboo Root Board
Kerry N.w. (Denver, US)
Exactly what I wanted

I was looking for a slim surface on which to be able to place my yoga mat. I have some hardwood floors, but they're in the dining room and not where I want to be doing yoga. I googled, was pleasantly surprised by the reviews/materials/price, and ordered. I have used it every day since getting it and love it. My only complaint is that sometimes if I stand at the connection joint, I notice it, but that cannot be helped so I am choosing to not dwell on this because I like that the item can be folded for storage/movement. Thanks for making a great product!

Kerry- thank you for the kudos. And yes, there are always tradeoffs when designing products and for us the two piece construction allows for easier transport and storage, but it comes at the price of some slight separation at the joint. Worth it in our opinion.

Again, thank you and for your contribution. Brian

Bamboo Root Board
Jenny F. (Barboursville, US)
Amazing must have

I love my Root Board. A definite must have for any home practice with carpet. Feels just like the studio. Definitely recommend

Bamboo Root Board
Anthony R. (Fairview Park, US)
So Happy With My RB

The root board lets me practice in the privacy of my home despite it having a high pile carpet. It provides a solid, stable, and large surface where I can conduct a flow of any level without worrying the mat will collapse or slip. It's also very attractive and well built

Bamboo Root Board
Sarah S. (Montauk, US)
Exactly what I wanted! Heavier than I thought, but makes sense.

I've been wanting to pick up a Root Board for an extremely long time, and I'm so glad I finally did!

Five stars, though I must admit, the boards are much heavier than I expected. (This makes sense though, since it needs to lay flat and securely without shifting.) Hauling them on a few-minute walk to the beach took more out of me than I expected; I hope that a good backpack/bag/strap situation is created eventually to help move the board to new places!

Bamboo Root Board
Louise A. (Alton, US)
Practice Changing

I splurged for my mother's day gift for myself, and I'm elated I did. Yoga outside is one of my favorite places to practice, but the frustration of the wonky ground made it less than ideal. My Root Board has held me up for 3 beautiful sessions in the grass and on the porch. I'm enjoying the stability so much I'll be using it in the basement on the gym-foam-floor.
It's a beautiful addition to my new mat and the start to my outdoor practice.

Louise Anne- We're so glad you are experiencing yoga in the wild as we have. We use our Root Boards in the backyard and the beach and it has been transformative. Namaste.