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We're very proud of the Root Board and are grateful for all the feedback our customers share with us- even when it is critical. We intend on absorbing all information and using it to improve the product. We welcome all comments and do our best to respond either privately or publicly to everyone. If you don't find what you're looking for here, send us a note and we'll reach back out as soon as we can, usually same day. Thanks!

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Bamboo Root Board
Kelly Peck
Love my root board!

So happy with my purchase! If you are practicing yoga on carpet, this root board is a must! Total game changer. Worth every penny! And great quality. Buy it, you won’t regret!

We're so happy you are enjoying your Root Board, Kelly, and hope that it uplevels your practice for many years to come!


Holds board securely. Love my root board! It makes home yoga practice so much better. Highly recommended.

Big and sturdy

I got to use the board this past weekend when I went to the mountains and was practicing outdoors. Placed a small tarp between the board and the ground (didn't want to scratch it up just yet!), and applied the two clips (do yourself a favor and GET the clips...they're needed and work).

I was very happy having a solid surface under my feet as I worked through practices that last at least an hour. My yoga mat gripped the board and I didn't feel any slippage.

My ONLY "con" is that it IS heavy. But I can't imagine it being as effective with anything lighter in weight.

Thanks, Randy and I'm glad it is working for you. As for the weight, it is true that the Root Board is not light. It has been our challenge to find the right tradeoff between durability & strength and being light and portable. We're always looking for ways of keeping the stability and reducing the weight. Thanks for the feedback! Brian

Amazing product & helpful support team

My rootboard is allowing me to practice safely on high pile carpet in my tiny at home yoga studio. I love the natural bamboo color, its just slightly larger than my lifeforme yoga mat and fits perfectly in my space. When my board clips got lost in the mail, their support team resent another set promptly with tracking. Very sturdy and easy assembly, I've already recommended it to a few friends. I'm so in love!

So happy it all worked out, April and that you are enjoying your Root Board.


Love the clips to help create an even more level and stable platform when on uneven ground - BRAVO!

Bamboo Root Board
Colette Deharpporte
Works great, a bit heavy

I bought the Root Board because I wanted to do yoga on my plush carpeting. It works fantastic - very sturdy and holds together well. It is a bit heavier than I'd expected - but I don't mind since I'm just using it in the house. I definitely recommend this Root Board if you're wanting a smooth, sturdy, solid surface for yoga!

No more cold, hard tile for me!

I teach yoga out of my house, and teaching week in and week out on the ceramic tile floor was really over-stressing my wrists and knees. I wasn't sure if the rootboard would help alleviate that discomfort, but it definitely does! I tossed a strip of one of those meshy carpet pad things underneath the board to help it not slide around and even out the uneven tiles, and it's great! I love it! And In my own practice, I can say that savasana is finally comfortable again!

Bamboo Root Board
Susan Nguyen

I love the color and warmth of the board. The length and width works well for my mat. My only suggestion for improvement is more stability at where the boards connect. After I opened it, the edges where it connects was slightly curved but easily fixed with me putting books on it to flatten it out. Also, when I would be near that crease , it would dip down a bit. Overall, happy with my root board.

Thank you, Susan. We appreciate your taking the time to write. The Root Boards do occasionally have a very slight curve to them. This can be eliminated by flipping them over. Also, they typically flatten out over time by storing the boards flat, one on top of the other.. We're so glad you are enjoying the Root Board. Namaste.

I have been enjoying my bamboo root board! Thank you!!

Nice surface

I'm happy with the root board except that where it joins together in the middle it tends to loosen on the carpet. I now see that they sell an optional clip system to hold the two sides together and have ordered it. I think it should be standard and included in the price of the board. Other than that it's a beautiful way to practice yoga on a carpet!

Hi Rena- Thank you for your review. You make a very good point regarding the idea of including the side clips in each order. We find that less than half our customers need the side clips and for this reason we sell them separately. We will continue to monitor sales and adjust if the numbers change, though. We're so glad you are enjoying your Root Board!

Root Board

Delivered in damaged condition. Responsive RB rep facilitated contact with shipping insurer and prompt replacement is en route.

Board replacement received promptly in satisfactory condition. The RB does provide solid footing essential for my yoga stretches and stationary exercise. The design is what I sought for simple storage. Thanks for coming up with this solution for carpeted areas.

The Root Bag
Excellent quality, needs a strap

I love my Root Board and was very pleased to get the Root Bag to help protect it, but I do wish that the bag had a strap of some kind. It's a little hard to carry the board when it's in the bag, and I like to keep my board protected during transport.

Sabrina- Thank you for the review. We appreciate you writing. And yes, the strap would be a nice addition to the bag. We are designing such a product and hope to have it on the site in the coming months.

Bamboo Root Board
Ashley Taylor
Should’ve purchased a long time ago

I wanted something like this for a long time. I found DIY versions on Pinterest of a yoga board and almost made one. I finally found The Root Board, and although they offer DIY instructions, I didn’t feel like tackling that. I practice in rooms with plush carpet, and this is the perfect solution. I purchased the clips to help secure the pieces together. I’m amazed at how stable the surface is and the quality is wonderful.

Easy to use and provides great steady base!

I practice on a carpeted area most often and using the root board has made all of the difference!! I love that it is two pieces so it can be easily stored also!

Bamboo Root Board
Marguerite Williamson
Connecting Doctoral Study with Proprioception

My current doctoral studies mean I spend much of my time seated, hunched over a computer or a notebook. The Root Board allows me to create an ergonomic environment where ever I find myself, and to assume multiple yoga or Pilates poses which support good posture and blood flow. I absolutely love it. It is also just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship!

Bamboo Root Board
Maureen Burbury
Not great for Ashtanga

The board is working fine, but it's not an ideal tool for Ashtanga. My heels extend beyond the end of the board when I'm in seated poses, and the holes in the sides of the boards are where I place my hands when transitioning out of seated poses. I find myself constantly having to move around on the board to avoid the crease in the middle, the carrying holes, or I need to move back so my heels don't fall off the end of the board. But it's still better than practicing on carpet!


What a difference! Practicing on carpet versus practicing on the Root Board on carpet...I feel stable and more confident. Balance poses come quicker and more stable. I'm happy I made the investment in myself and my practice. Thank you!

Bamboo Root Board
Sonia DeWitt
Excellent Customer Service

Greetings and thank you Brian for you customer service and quick responses. I am enjoying board as I build a consistent yoga practice. Namaste

Bamboo Root Board
Kassidy Arena
Perfect for yoga and any workout!

I highly recommend a Root Board to anyone who needs a solid base for yoga. I use it every morning and also when I’m working out. It’s solid, strong and pretty :) I have found it was definitely worth the money. The room I do yoga in is carpeted, so my Root Board has been a life saver! I also loved my free little present :)

Bamboo Root Board
Whitney Williams
Root Board excellent - but small broken piece during first use

The Root Board is very beautiful and does the job of supporting my practice on carpet nicely. I know it will enjoy many years of use. However, a small piece of bamboo did crack off the first time I put the two halve together which was disappointing. I haven't noticed any other pieces cracking or falling off at the connection points since then.

Bamboo Root Board
Anne-Marie Clear
An answer to a dream!!

I hated doing yoga in my kitchen but it was the only place with a hard floor. There I was next to the fridge and the stove ... the environment was not what I wanted for my practice. Now I do yoga in a beautiful room in my home that is peaceful and serene. It takes 2 seconds to set up my Root Board and it works perfectly. This is the best money I've spent in long time!

Anne-Marie - We love the short story. So wonderful that the Root Board is helping your practice. Love it!

Clips for the Root Board

Bamboo Root Board
Azure Wolfe
On grass, carpet, sand, decking....

So far I’ve use this board in four different places and have loved to have that solid surface of stability underneath me wherever I go. I don’t always have a yoga room to practice in and I travel a ton, especially in the outdoors! Whether it’s doing restorative, flowing, or even using it for a picnic, i love the is board!!

Bamboo Root Board
Brian Runyan
Arrive warped and splt

It looks like it will be a great yoga board. However the wood is split in the corners and one of the pieces is warped and does not fit well with the other. I’ve got pics if you’ll let me upload.

Whoa, that sounds like a defective board, Brian. I'll write to you privately so we can arrange a replacement Root Board to be sent to you. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

Bamboo Root Board
Elina Boyd
Absolutely LOVE my Root Board!

This is a game changer for your practice! Let’s you practice on carpet, grass, and other soft or uneven surfaces. LOVE my Root Board! Will be a fan for life!

Very kind of you, Elina. Have a fabulous day!