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We're very proud of the Root Board and are grateful for all the feedback our customers share with us- even when it is critical. We intend on absorbing all information and using it to improve the product. We welcome all comments and do our best to respond either privately or publicly to everyone. If you don't find what you're looking for here, send us a note and we'll reach back out as soon as we can, usually same day. Thanks!

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Daily practice

When I moved to a house with plush carpet everywhere, I have been using that as an excuse to get lazy with my yoga practice. Since I’ve received the Root Board, I’ve been I looking forward to starting my day with a morning practice. It’s easy to set up and store away for small spaces.

No complaints

My only regret is that I didn’t buy this sooner. Of the 3 years I’ve been practicing yoga, I’ve lived in a carpeted home for almost 2 years. I forgot how good it feels to practice on stable foundation. Thank you so much for creating this product. I’ve had it for almost a week and it’s rejuvenated my passion for yoga. I’ve doubled my at home practices. It’s completely transformed my experience. If you’re thinking about purchasing The Root Board, do it. It comes with the clips. You don’t have to buy them separately.

Miranda, it is reviews like yours that bring us the greatest joy. We experienced the same frustration practicing on carpet. So glad you found us and are benefiting from the Root Board! Namaste

Do it!

Love my new Root Board. After practicing on carpet for the past 2 years it's nice to have a solid surface again. The board is beautiful and well made. Mine arrived damaged so definitely get the route protection.

Bamboo Root Board
Kathleen Quan
Second board ordered

100% recommend for a home practice where you don’t have a hard surface availed

Bamboo Root Board
Emma Ruwitch
Root Board

This is an amazing yoga board! I feel like I’m in a studio! It is a great purchase for anyone who is doing an at home practice!

Bamboo Root Board
Kathleen Quan
Best Buy of the year!!!

I absolutely love my board, it’s easily the best purchase I’ve made this year and gets plenty of use from both my husband and myself. We’ve even contemplated getting a second one for our home. Not only is the board great on carpet I love that you can hold onto the sides or handles to deepen certain poses or stretches.

I’m getting one for my sister for Xmas this year.

Fine, but a bit sloppy

The durability is fine. The finish is moderate. The fit is a bit sloppy. Also, a pair are included with the Root Board, which is very good, by the way. My purchase was unnecessary.

Works great!

This is super helpful for my yoga practice and the board looks very beautiful too!
I really like my current home, but practicing yoga on carpets is never ideal and this is a fantastic solution to remedy that problem!

Changed home practice!

I have a yoga studio I go to for yoga classes. But with work, I'm not able to attend all the classes I want. So when that happens, I practice at home. The room I use is carpeted and of course that affects wrists and balance... Well this rootboard has been amazing! Its pretty solid and it came in great shape. I love that it came with clips to secure the board together. Its great having a solid base without having to rip up my carpet.

Bamboo Root Board
Kalie Christian
Miracle Board

Okay. I'm not one to write reviews, but I'm seriously so in love with this board so had to share my excitement, ha! I have just received it and used it 2x already.

At first, I was thinking it was a bit silly to spend $200 on a board to practice yoga on.. but then decided I would try it. First off, not only does it look stunning (I'm a sucker for good aesthetics) but it's also designed and made so well! I've been using it on carpet, and it's truly a game changer.

The town I moved to does not have a studio so I've been practicing at home although I backed off quite a bit as practicing on carpet is truly miserable. This board literally changed that! Using this board on carpet, I feel like I'm back on a solid studio floor!

The little clips on the sides help hold the board in place well. I did not slide around/have issues with it staying together and my mat also stayed on no worries. Excited to continue using this board.

If you're debating it, I 110% recommend going for it. It elevates a home practice so much and makes it so much more enjoyable. Worth every penny.

Kalie- It's reviews like yours that keep us working hard to make sure everyone knows about the Root Board. Thank you for taking the time to write. We appreciate you! Namaste

Bamboo Root Board
Victoria Trac

I love my Root Board. I haven’t had it long yet but it’s been such a game changer in my practice already. I was getting pain in my wrists, hands, and feet after practicing on the carpet in our new house. Since getting the Root Board, I haven’t had any issues.

Bamboo Root Board
Gilda Smith

I cannot believe how much more comfortable and easier my practice is now. Before using this board, I had my mat on top of carpeting and I thought I was doing fine but with the board underneath it I can do so much more. I get a better stretch I have more stability I wish I would’ve found this earlier!

I love it!

I tried the Root board yesterday for the first time, and it felt so good!
Not only is it beautiful, and well made but also so helpful for not over stressing my wrists and ankles, and for balancing and grounding! Outstanding customer service.

Bamboo Root Board
Michelle Chakirelis

Really elevated my indoor practice. So much more stability, especially when practicing on carpet!

Bamboo Root Board
Christina Swinton
Absolutely Love The Root Board!!

I mostly do yoga on carpet and this board has absolutely helped with my stability and balancing. It gives a fantastic hard surface and does not slide at all. I got one for my husband as well and he too absolutely loves the board.

Buy this board!

I am so happy I found Root Board! My current yoga space is carpeted, and I hadn’t anticipated how this would impact my practice. When I practiced with Root Board for the first time I realized how badly I needed it for stability, which is really necessary for me to protect my ankles and other joints that were being stressed. I also love that I can collapse it for storage when not being used. Very easy! Highly recommend if you practice on unstable unsupportive surfaces!

Bamboo Root Board
Amber Deubler
Where luxury meets necessity!

The root board is beautiful and it looks so elegant in my workout space, but the truth is I really needed it. The carpet in my space was causing my wrists to hyperextend and the added instability wasn’t good for my back or my knees. After a challenging practice, I was needing to ice my wrists—but my Root Board has me back on track.

Amber - thank you so much for writing. We're thrilled you are receiving the benefits of the Root Board. Namaste! Brian

sturdy board

While the board itself is quite heavy and a bit difficult to maneuver at times, it does stay put and in place, thanks especially to the clips included. I found that my weight and board don't shift at all (this seemed like an occasional complaint for some folks that practice on carpet) during my practice, and I feel much more safe and secure knowing I won't risk any joint injuries. I'm happy with my purchase and look forward to the release of a sturdy tote bag for Root Board in the future.

Top Quality

Simple elegant solution for those of us with carpeted yoga spaces. Perfect fit and support for yoga mat.

Bamboo Root Board
Claudia Bodington
Much-needed stability!

I live in a pretty small apartment, and while we do have hardwood floors, the only floor space I have to practice is covered by a veeeeery textured area rug, so the surface is quite uneven. It's workable with a yoga mat, but not exactly ideal for postures that require a lot of balance or stability. The Root Board has given me a solid foundation for both my barre and yoga practices, and my ankles feel so much safer now that I've got a completely level base to work from.

I'm pretty small and don't have much in the way of upper body strength, but I'm easily able to carry both halves of the board and assemble it every day. Love that it's wide enough to accommodate the build-in handles without compromising on the working surface area, too.

Beyond the great product, the team behind the scenes gives excellent customer service. :) So glad I found the Root Board!

Thank you for the kudos, Claudia and we're so happy it is working out for you!

Bamboo Root Board
laura houlton
Great service!!

Got my new board quickly and Brian answered all my questions even emailing me back on a Sunday night. Love my root board!

Perfect solution for Yoga on carpet.

Like so many others, my yoga practice has mostly moved to my home. When it got colder outside, I found I needed to move into a small bedroom which I could heat up easily. However, I was having trouble balancing on the carpet. I decided that there must be a solution. Yes, there was the Bamboo Root Board. I have practiced on it several times now and am completely happy. My practice is back to normal. I read a few comments about crackling sounds. I did hear a few when I walked on it with shoes. But there was no noise during my practice. Basically, the Bamboo Root Board was a win for me. Practical and pretty. I am a fan.

Bamboo Root Board
Thomas Timberlake

Bamboo Root Board


I expected it to work a bit better. The bamboo is nice. One of the pieces got some nicks during shipping. My problem with it is the seam where the two halves meet. I have a fairly thick mat on top when I do yoga. You can feel the seem come apart any time you have your foot near the middle. I thought that this was heavy enough that it wouldn’t happen. I’m wondering if it’s less of a headache to just do yoga on the carpet.

Thank you for the feedback, David. It is a definite design challenge to make the Root Board as 'studio-floor-like' as possible while also keeping it portable and easy to move around. As for the vertical separation of the two pieces when using it on thick carpet, customers have told us that laying something thin but rigid under the that section of the Root Board, like a piece of a cardboard box will reduce the effect. Happy practicing!

Ingenious, imperfect

I was very excited to find the root board as it allowed me to continue my practice when I moved to a house with carpeting in the upstairs. I have been enjoying it except for the fact that a few weeks in it started cracking and splitting when I stood on it. I’m now concerned that it will split further if I continue with it and feel nervous during my practice about this. I think it may work best on very solid, completely level firm ground.

Jey- Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts on the Root Board. It is a natural bamboo product and does react to different climates and environments. We assure you that the cracking sounds you are hearing are only one layer of the three layers of bamboo and the Root Board is extremely sturdy and will not break. We stand behind our product and will replace it if it were to become unusable. Keep us posted and feel free to write to if you would like to discuss this further.