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We're very proud of the Root Board and are grateful for all the feedback our customers share with us- even when it is critical. We intend on absorbing all information and using it to improve the product. We welcome all comments and do our best to respond either privately or publicly to everyone. If you don't find what you're looking for here, send us a note and we'll reach back out as soon as we can, usually same day. Thanks!

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Bamboo Root Board

This was an impulse buy after seeing a demo on Allison Ray Jeraci's IG page and was something I didn't even know I needed. It's perfect for those of us doing zoom yoga at home and missing the bamboo floors of our yoga studio for balance postures. Delivery was quick and the root board is as beautiful as it is functional.


I've been enjoying using the root board as a platform for my home practice in spite of having wood floors. The sunny blonde bamboo along with my essential oils sets the stage for my daily yoga experience and enhances a calming , meditative state. . I plan on bringing it outside as soon as the weather warms up a bit more. . . . Easily assembled but the tongue and groove lifts up a bit . Would like to find a remedy for that.

Thanks, Orly, we're grateful for the review. We're currently testing side clips that clip onto the two edges of the boards at the seam. We should have them available on the site within a week. Namaste. Brian

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Board

Since the pandemic hit in United States, I have been practicing yoga on carpet and although it was fun to challenge my balance at the beginning, later on it was not so fun for my joints. The Root Board was exactly what I needed to bring more stability and safety to my home yoga practice. I love the fact that is made with sustainable products, easy to carry and that it looks beautiful!

Awesome Quality!

As advertised, very well made.

More than expected!

I started my yoga journey a few years ago and didn’t stick with it. As I started to connect more with yoga during quarantine and doing yoga at home. I had the problem of doing yoga on the carpet. I hated it! So I started thinking of ideas and how I could make my yoga journey better. I researched if there was any boards like what I wanted and almost gave up hope and thought I would be the one to start the business. Then I stumbled upon root board, and read over the website for days. I contemplated the whole purchase questioning whether it would be worth the purchase or if I would just somewhat like it enough to try a few times and stow away. Well I was wrong the craftsmanship on the board and everything is amazing. I opened up my package and felt like I had just purchased something designer for yoga. This far reached my expectations, and as I go further in my journey and my teacher training I hope to collaborate with rootboard for my needs and others around as well.

Changed my practice!

The root board has changed my practice. I feel more steady and grounded practicing at home on carpet with my board. It has improved my balance postures and my overall practice. I would highly recommend the root board!

LOVE my Rootboard!

I've been wanting to move my practice upstairs but its all carpet, and someone mentioned that there are boards you can use to mimic a floor. I did some research and found the Rootboard, read the reviews, and checked out their website. Something I REALLY loved was how they teach you how to make your own board if you don't want to buy one! I thought that was such a nice touch and made me instantly fall in love with them as a brand. I decided to purchase one and I'm SO happy I did! It is so sturdy, super high quality, and feels just like practicing on a floor! I've moved my yoga practice upstairs into this cozy little corner in a spare bedroom, and I can practice as much as I want without any wrist pain. Its life changing! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Bamboo Root Board

Essential for carpeted households!

I absolutely LOVE my Root Board. My mat does not budge one bit - and the board looks so beautiful. It came well packaged in two pieces that fit together like a giant puzzle so “assembly” took all of 30 seconds. My apartment is carpeted throughout so the Root Board is a game changer for my yoga practice. Well worth the money.

Excellent Product

The board is well construct and sturdy. Easy to set up and stow afterward. I have a deep pile carpet so it flexes a bit at the dove tails, but not so much with a good yoga mat. And I used the cardboard in which it was delivered to add a bit more stability. Much less an issue on short or medium pile carpet. Overall very happy. For me at least it is much much better than having the yoga mat directly on carpet.

Great product

I have been doing yoga on my thin carpet since quarantine began. I looked at options and am so happy I got the Bamboo Root Board. It is high quality and looks nice in my space. Shipping was fast it was easy to lay out and I am living in hand hold bliss with a hard surface under my mat again. Thank you!!!

Root board

The root board serves its purpose in quality. It will provide a stable platform to help perform yoga poses or any exercise for that matter. It is also a beautiful piece of furniture and very high quality.

Super supportive, this board transformed my Yoga space.

This board was just the thing I needed to make me feel more in balance

Love it!

First the Root Board is beautiful!. It immediately made me feel like my living room was in a yoga studio. What a difference to have a "floor" under me. Wrist tenderness is gone and my balance is better. When it creaks (very light) I envision I am on Maui in the Bamboo Forest. Why did I not buy one sooner?! Thank you for my wonderful board.

It makes all the difference

Since Covid I have been doing my Yoga and Barre classes virtual. The room I use is carpeted and I have been struggling with balance. I did an internet search and discovered there were yoga boards. I found several on line but opted for the root board over the molded plastic ones. I am so glad I did as it is beautiful. Even more it is making such a difference , no more struggling with balance poses (well no one than I did in studio) and it is way easier on my wrists. All I'm all I am so happy with this regrets.

Very Happy with this Product

I ordered the Root Board because I decided to move my practice upstairs after several failed attempts at Zoom sessions. It felt like there was always some type of activity happening downstairs. I created my own space to record and teach but the upstairs is completely carpet. I started to feel the impacts of practicing on a soft surface on my wrists and ankles so I decided to do some research. After shopping around, I decided that the Root Board was, by far, my best choice. I love that it is heavy and sturdy. It really is comparable to practicing and teaching on a yoga studio floor. I would recommend as an addition to anyone who is looking to create their own space in their home.

Valarie - your story of the distractions downstairs is exactly what Kathy experienced! So glad the Root Board is working for you.

Great board

Very nicely built and good looking. Top quality, quick shipping. Highly recommended.

Love the Root Board

Great solution for doing yoga on carpet! Easy to assemble and store too.

Aaaaalmost perfect

My spouse stepped on the edge and I heard it crack - prior to this, I was using it once a day. I don’t know that it would work for the heavier crowd. On carpet, it works really well and provides the flat support I need.

JM- thank you for your feedback. We love that you are using it daily! Please know the Root Board is a natural product that may creak but it is extremely sturdy. If it becomes unusable, we’d be happy to replace it!

Root Board

I had looked at a board with the same concept on amazon. It didn’t take long after comparing the two to figure out that the root board was going to fit my needs best. The comparison board was made of hard plastic, the root board is bamboo. I decided to try the root board even with the higher price tag, and I must say I am happy I did. The root board is made so well, it’s sturdy and allows me to flow through my practice with ease. My wrists no longer hurt, and I feel like I am excelling in my practice. The root board is amazing, I love that it compacts into two pieces and I can slide it under my bed, all in all this is an amazing necessity for any yogie that practices on carpet!!

Thank you for making such an amazing yoga board!

Music to our ears, Nichole. Thank you so much for taking the time to write and we hope you enjoy the Root Board for many years to come!

I could hug them!

I was imagining something just like this, quick search and BOOM there it was, but even better than I’d imagined! The communication, the love, the product, even the packaging, AND hand written notes plus goodie! I was elated before even stepping foot on my board. Ohhhh, but then I did and it was magical! I felt like I was back in studio! I was practicing, or tying to, on carpet. I didn’t realize how awful that was until I didn’t have to any more! Game changer! Plus it’s just so beautiful and has such good energy, I can’t wait to practice again! No more yoga Covid slump! Yay!! A million thanks for all of your hard work!! Much love to y’all!

Thank you so much, Charlotte. It brings us great joy to hear that you find value in the root board. We're all on this journey together so it's kind of wonderful that we get to share it and help each other. Namaste!

10/10 Recommend!!!

I was so relieved to find this company and I absolutely love my Bamboo Root Board!! It has made all the difference in my at-home yoga practice, as I was previously practicing on carpet and encountering issues related to same. Easily transportable (comes in 2 pieces that seamlessly fit together) and high quality!! Completely alleviated my wrist/arm pain and has made moving through postures exponentially easier (again, given that I was practicing on carpet).

Wow, Emily, thank you so much! As you might have read on our site, we were having the same issues with our wrists and balancing with our mats directly on the carpet. We're so glad to read that this is alleviating your pain. We're grateful for you making the effort to write, too. Namaste.

The Root Board

I like it okay.. I don't know if it just takes getting used to.
The part where it fits together raises up.
Overall I like it

Yoga Anywhere on The Root Board

The Root Board is a "must have" for yogis practicing at home and instructors who want to take their classes outdoors. With The Root Board I'm able to practice yoga safely and confidently on the carpet in my home and on grass and sand when I'm able to be outdoors. The beautifully crafted bamboo is solid and sturdy, giving the feeling of a studio hardwood floor under my mat. Its built-in handles make it convenient to carry, creating endless possibilities for doing yoga anywhere. Five stars, two thumbs up and a big "would definitely recommend" for The Root Board!

disappointed since no leveling and feels like it’s going to break

I was so excited when I received my Root Board to finally have a hard, flat surface to practice on since we have high pile carpet. I have had it for several weeks and I am terribly disappointed. The jigsaw section (where you connect both pieces) lifts up all the time when I’m one end - or the other or even when I’m on both(!) - and when I’m moving anywhere on the board it sounds like it is cracking. Even when I set it up the following day and step on it anew. Also, when I have a body part on the split section (like sitting there prior to practice) I can feel the pieces lifting up and pinching on my skin. I can only think that one solution would be to try to fit a very large rubber band over the jig saw section so it does not lift in the middle. I very sad that I can't relax during my practice with the creaking sounds. Is this board made for people under 180 pounds? I weigh 185 and the cracking sounds make me anxious. Other than that I would really like to return my Root Board since I stopped using it last week.

Hi there, thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to write your review! Your comments are valuable to us and we will incorporate them into our future planning. It is our intention to delight each customer, and I’m sorry to hear that we did not achieve that with you.

When developing the Root Board it was our goal to make it work on as many surfaces as possible, but high-pile carpet due to its sponge-like quality is particularly challenging and may cause the boards to separate in the middle. When using a durable mat such as a Manduka Pro most of our customers find the product functions as intended. Nonetheless, we have just finished the design of side clips, the purpose of which is to reduce separation between the boards on spongy surfaces. They will be available in early 2021.

The board is quite sturdy three-ply bamboo. We have tested it extensively and although it may occasionally creak, it should not break. If yours is substantially creaking, it may be a manufacturing error, in which case we would like to contact you offline to remedy the situation!

Again, we are sorry to hear that your experience with the Root Board was less than ideal. We will reach out to you privately to discuss how we can make it right for you.