Our Story

Brian and kathy McCarthy on Lifeguard Station in Santa Monica, CA
Hi Yogis! Welcome!!
If you are like us, you are activating all your coping strategies to get through the big gulps of anxiety we are all taking in.  Never has yoga been so essential to your mental, spiritual and physical psyche, and never has it been harder to recreate the bliss of practicing in a studio with a favorite teacher and community. 
Like many of you, we felt that our yoga at-home practice was wanting. The distractions of being at home and the instability of the mat on carpet interfered with the yoga experience.  In yoga, it's important to still the mind, focus, breathe, and land your Peak Pose. How else do you crack the armor?
We set out to improve our yoga space. Where’s the zen in a small living space with wall-to-wall carpet?  Through trial and error, we designed and built a solid yoga platform made from bamboo, which tactilely replicated the experience of the yoga studio.  It dramatically and immediately enhanced our practice.  We call it The Root Board and we are immensely excited to share it with you!
We’ve grown to love our home practice as a place to explore and challenge ourselves. We’ve learned that solo practice offers a chance to deepen our understanding of ourselves, and thus expand the benefits of our practice.  If you practice yoga outside of a studio setting, you are one of the #YogisintheWild, and we are here for you!  We believe yoga is the path to peace, health and longevity. 
We know that if you are here, you are an agent of kindness and calm.  The world is uncertain, but yogis, this is what we've been practicing for! Buy a Root Board or build your own by following our DIY tutorial, so you can land your practice, and share the benefits of yoga with the world.
Our passion is to serve the yoga community so the world can be a better place for all.
Never forget that wellness is yours for the taking.
❤️️  ❤️️  ❤️️
The Root Board started in April 2020 as a family collaboration. Kathy and Brian have been married 28 years, and reside in Santa Monica.  The engineering of the board, the brand "voice" and the design have been created with the help of their talented kids: Clara, Maggie and Kellan. We are blessed and grateful always.