Yoga Books we Love

Yoga Books We Love

April 4 2023

Study these books and gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind a yoga practice.


Keeping Steady: How Yoga Can Help Maintain Your Balance As You Age

Keeping Steady: How Yoga Can Help Maintain Your Balance As You Age

December 10 2022
The positive effects of yoga are endless. Increased strength and flexibility, improved blood flo...
young bamboo plant

Bountiful Bamboo: The Uses and Benefits of This Eco-Friendly Plant

November 14 2022
Bamboo is a beautiful and sustainable material used in various products, from outdoor furniture ...
Woman practicing yoga on a carpeted floor using a yoga board for stability

Why You Need an Indoor Yoga Platform at Home

October 22 2022
Yoga is one of the most fulfilling exercises for your physical and mental well-being. It targets ...
Be Green

Be Green

April 21 2021
The Root Board will donate $5 per order to The Climate Emergency Fund.  We are committed to show...
The Root Board & Why It's Good For You & Your Practice

The Root Board & Why It's Good For You & Your Practice

January 22 2021
This article was written by Allison Ray Jeraci for The Root Board  @allisonrayjeraci, www.allison...
woman in plank pose while doing yoga-at-home

Yoga at Home: tips on setting up for an interactive yoga class.

January 4 2021

Pro tips on how to set up for a livestream yoga class including useful illustrations on best camera placement.

  • Carve out a dedicated space to practice yoga and meditation
  • Invest in essential equipment and props
  • Utilize the right camera position
  • Work with what you have
Jocelyn Solomon , or first teacher spotlight. The Root Board

Finding the right yoga teacher will change your life.

October 5 2020

Teacher Spotlight: Jocelyn Solomon

This is our first Teacher Spotlight, meant to highlight exceptional yoga teachers. 

man in tree pose using Root Board on park grass overlooking ocean

Rediscovering Balance in Nature: Yoga Outdoors

September 1 2020
Balance is attainable anywhere and the proof of it surrounds us. Nature’s flow is the perfect setting to ground your yoga practice. Whether on sand or soil, on the beach or in the forest, or in your own backyard, yoga can be practiced anywhere.
hand holding card that reads, "I am hope"


August 15 2020
This article is about HOPE.  I tend to be fearful of the unknown, so I need to manage my thoughts, feelings and actions to stay positive and hopeful.  This is one of my best life-hacks. Read on for ways to mindfully invite HOPE into your life. Integrate what you can into your daily practice, notice what you are already doing, and build a solid foundation for HOPE to thrive. 
photo of Kathy McCarthy in her home office

Kathy's Story

July 17 2020
Kathy McCarthy writes about the gratitude and well-being yoga provides her and her inspiration for designing the Root Board.
feet on carpet

Don't put your yoga mat directly on the carpet.

June 26 2020
Now that yoga studios are temporarily closed and we’re learning to experience our practice at hom...
My little yoga at home sanctuary. The Root Board, my yoga mat, block, strap and several things that make me feel joy

Create a Joyful Place to Practice Yoga

June 8 2020
5 important things to consider while Creating a Home Yoga space.
Man meditates in front of Armed Military


June 6 2020
The first step is in educating yourself. Use the resources in this guide to understand the issues that are at play. The next step is to not stay silent about racial injustice. Your silence is your consent. Use the resources below to begin to take action against racism so that you can cause less harm and work to end racial injustice.
Brian showing a container of caulking

Yoga Board DIY - Long-form Detailed Notes (For the real DIYers)

June 1 2020
An expansion on the do-it-yourself PDF filled with details and added things you should consider if you're going to build a DIY yoga platform for carpet or yoga board- for the true Nerds and Gearheads out there. (Takes one to know one).