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Bamboo can save the world.

Bamboo can save the world.

The Root Board is made of 100% Moso Bamboo and that makes it sustainable and beautiful. Why is bamboo good for the world? Here are a few reasons...

-Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on earth. This highly sustainable plant takes just 3-4 month to grow to full size (compared to the average 30 years for most trees).

-Pesticides and chemicals aren't required when harvesting bamboo, so cultivation is natural and doesn't harm the environment. In the right conditions, it can grow 3 feet tall in 24 hours which means you can literally watch it grow with your own eyes! This makes it a super sustainable alternative due to its naturally renewing properties.

-Bamboo is strong and durable. It’s no surprise that bamboo is often named as the new ‘green steel’ for its versatility and strength in construction, with entire homes now being built entirely from this robust plant. Bamboo has an astounding strength and lifespan whilst remaining light and easy to carry around.

-Bamboo is re-usable. With proper care, bamboo products can be used time and time again without the worry of them deteriorating. Compare this to plastic.  Plastic is killing our environment.  Universally, we create a scary 300 million tons of plastic every year. And a shocking 9% of this is recycled or reused. This means that 91% of plastic is used only once then finds its ways to our oceans and landfills. This is a huge amount which is why scientists predict that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our ocean than fish. Bamboo is made to be used over and over, and then bio-degrades when no longer needed.

-Bamboo is safe and hygienic since its fibers are naturally anti-bacterial, all thanks to a substance called 'bamboo kun'. Bamboo kun is found in bamboo fibre and is an antimicrobial bio-agent which gives bamboo its natural antibacterial properties. This prevents bacteria and microbes growing on bamboo products making it the perfect plant for naturally hygienic products. Bamboo Kun greatly reduces the need for the chemicals and harmful sealants used with other materials.

-Bamboo is great for the environment. Bamboo absorbs 2x more carbon dioxide than trees. It also generates a vast amount of oxygen, totally up to 30% more than most plants and trees.

We love that bamboo is fully aligned with our yogi principles choosing bamboo products over ones made with plastic makes a difference to our world. 

Practicing yoga on carpet? You will love this!