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Man meditates in front of Armed Military
(updated Jan 2022)
We have a duty to educate ourselves, and to do everything we can to support this movement. As a fellow person of color, I assumed I'd be given a "pass" on this self-reflection, but I couldn't be more wrong.  I too have to admit my own racial biases and privileges to overcome them, just like everyone else.
Diving into the world of anti-racism for the first time can be confronting. It may feel challenging to understand your place and where to begin with educating yourself. There are endless resources online to help you learn about anti-racism work, dismantle the unconscious biases that exist within yourself, and take action to create a more just society.
I'm sharing an Anti-Racism Resource List, developed by Tiffany Bowden, PhD in Diversity and Inclusion. ( It explains the heart of the matter in a very simple but effective way. It has helped me recognize my part. I love the "how to take action" section.  Yogis... It's time to take a stand!
 I'd like to share an article from about closing the racial wealth gap in America.  To shed light on the topic, here's an article that discusses the impact of the disparity in financial literacy in the black community. Energy flows where attention goes, so the first step is education! 

Practicing yoga on carpet? You will love this!


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